The Brighton Dive Centre

UK Diving

While on top of the water of the UK’s coast line there are plenty of chances to try a variety of different sports, beneath the waves there’s a whole new world to explore. Diving holidays are becoming more popular in the UK, thanks to favourable and safe conditions and an abundance of marine life.

With sheltered conditions, a bounty of underwater coves and the relative warmth provided by the Gulf Stream, the UK coast line is becoming more popular amongst diving enthusiasts.

The region is home to a diverse range of underwater life including corals, sponges, sea-horses, sea anemones and plenty of fish. You can also dive with seals and basking sharks, explore reefs with their myriad of fish or marvel at ornate soft corals or kelp forests, all within UK waters.

A few of the sites we offer on our trips are below but we run a lot more, call us for further information on 01903 767224 or email

  • Scapa Flow
  • Lundy Island
  • Porthkeris in Cornwall
  • Weymouth
  • Plymouth

And not forgetting our very own coastline here at Brighton!